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Lisburn Sub Aqua Club

Lisburn Sub-Aqua Club News

Dive Report Wed 31st May 2017

Marine life seen on the dive

On Wednesday evening 8 divers from Lisburn dived the Inner Lees after a slightly foggy trip out from Strangford and a last minute change of dive site.

The average dive time was 45 minutes and most divers enjoyed a leisurely bimble with good visibility.

A couple of diver pairs carried out drills and practiced skills including DSMB deployment and weight checks at the end of their dive.

There was a wealth of life on the wreck including Violet nudibranch, fried egg sea slugs, orange clubbed sea slug, there was also loads of suns stars, common starfish, bloody henrys and spiny starfish. There were lots of squat lobsters, edible crabs, violet swimming crabs and common prawn under the wreck alongside a Conger Eel. Fish life included Cuckoo Wrasse, Two Spot Gobies, Butterfish, Pipefish and a large Dab clinging to the bottom of the wreck. Unfortunately the chip shop wasn’t open for a post dive natter but a very enjoyable night was had by all.

Posted by Gerry Allen in catagory Diving Report 02/06/2017 12:48
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Club Dive Sun 28th May

Sunday was a beautiful day and four divers met at Strangford at a respectable 10am for a planned dive to the SS Hundson and SS Bangor.

After a dive brief and buddy allocation we launched the boat and set off up the Lough. The bar mouth was like a mill pond and we arrived at the SS Hundson without delay. Finding the wreck was nice and easy and seeing the wreck on the sounder was the first clue as to the massive size of this wreck.

Shiela and Mark entered the water first and carried out a 31 minute dive. Phil and Rachel dropped in next for 38minutes. The shot had been placed on the stern of the wreck, not far from the gun. The wreck was absolutely covered in life- dead mans fingers, anemones and it was surrounded by Bib, poor cod and there where some big lobsters where hiding in the crevices.

After a short trip back to Strangford to swap cylinders and wave goodbye to Shiela we headed back out to dive the Bangor. On arriving at the Bangor we discovered that unfortunately our permanent shot had disappears. After creating a new etch a sketch drawing on the sounder we located the wreck and Mark and Rachel dropped down the shot. There was quite a strong run on the wreck but a very enjoyable dive was had exploring the Bangor before surfacing after 47min.

Well done to Rachel and Shiela who both enjoyed exploring new wrecks and many thanks to Phil for boat handling.

Posted by Gerry Allen in catagory Diving Report 31/05/2017 13:26
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Dive on Empire Tania (Inner Lees) 1st May 2017

Inner Lees

A small contingent from Lisburn arrived at the inner lees at 10am on a gorgeous sunny bank holiday Monday.

After kitting up and a quick buddy check it was into the water and a quick surface swim to the bow section of the Empire Tania. It almost seemed a shame to leave the sunny weather and drop down beneath the water but we were rewarded with a mass of life.

We circled the outer structure and spotted several different types of anemones including Beadlet, plumose, and dead mans fingers. There was nudibranchs galore and a mass of squat lobsters, velvet swimming crabs, massive common lobster and loads of common prawn. There were various starfish around the wreck and as for fish there seemed to be a different species at every turn. Ballan wrasse, juvenile pipefish, butterfish, black gobys and both short and long spined sea scorpions to name a few.

After a very enjoyable 71minutes it was getting chilly so we surfaced and had an animated debrief in the sunshine!

Posted by Gerry Allen in catagory Diving Report 01/05/2017 21:23
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St Johns Point 17th April 2017

five eager divers arrived at St John's Point
Photo by Nicky Jackson

After a very early start, five eager divers arrived at St John's Point for a day of diving. Thankfully the long journey was worth it with 15m viz and a balmy 10 degrees water temperature. After a quick seeds brief and buddy checks we got two lovely dives both lasting close to an hour with an average depth of 19m.

There was life in abundance on the wall and surrounding waters with divers being treated to numerous nudibranchs, plumose, Jewel and Beadlet anemones, dead man fingers and sea squirts etc.

There where leads of common lobsters, squat lobsters and edible crabs, shrimp and a conger or two. We were also lucky to spot some massive ling, pollack, cuckoo and Ballan wrasse. Other divers came across a large octopus further out in the bay.

All divers had a brilliant day out and came away with one resounding thought....
When are we coming back?

common lobsterPhoto by Nicky Jackson
Posted by Gerry Allen in catagory Diving Report 19/04/2017 09:27
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Ballycastle/ Rathlin Weekend

What a fantastic weekend spent by LSAC divers in Ballycastle/ Rathlin on 25/26 March. The sun shone, the wind have dropped and the seas were calm. The weather could not have been better for late March and this allowed for a busy dive weekend - including locating a few new sites for club diving later in the year.

After meeting and launching from Ballycastle at 08.30 we travelled to do "The Boulder Slopes" a very pretty, shallow slow drift dive at Rathlin. This was followed by the Lochgarry where the visibility was approaching 10m with little or no current on the wreck and water temp at depth was 8-9 degrees. Last dive of the day was a shallow dive at Bruce's Cave Reef again on Rathlin. With a slight surge and great visibility this was a relaxing way to end the day.

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Posted by Tony Finlay in catagory Diving Report 27/03/2017 13:48
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LSAC Dive 11 March

Spring has arrived and the the dive season is upon us. With Tony as Dive Manager LSAC divers travelled to Strangford and thankfully the weather was fine and the seas were calm.

Launching in the Warrior first dive was the SS Bangor at approx 30 metres. With Roisin as dedicated boat handler buddy pairs were Tony / Peter, Brendan / Francis and Mark / Chris. The water was approx 9 degrees and sea life spotted included a large scallop bed, plaice and a very colourful male dragonet. There were also numerous seal spotted on the surface.

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Posted by Gerry Allen in catagory Diving Report 12/03/2017 10:11
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Club dive Saturday 25th February 2017

Selfies R us

After staring at the weather forecast all week and watching storm Doris batter our shores, we weren't sure whether we would be out diving this weekend, but after careful consideration Rachel decided to organise a sheltered shore dive.

Saturday dawned cloudy and windy but dry and four divers met at Ringhaddy to dive the Alastor at 9.15.

After a quick SEEDS brief two pairs of divers entered the water slightly after 10.15 and enjoyed a 45min dive on the wreck. Water temperature was a nippy 8 degrees and vis ability was relatively good at approx 3m.

There were some large Ballan Wrasse sheltering under the bath and plenty of edible crabs, spider crabs and a couple of Conger eels hiding on the wreck.

After getting de-kitted and changed it was off to the local cafe for a leisurely debrief over breakfast and coffee.

Posted by Marie Wallace in catagory Diving Report 28/02/2017 16:34
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Southern Red Sea

10 - 17 August 2016 - Well what a week that was for LSAC members who went to the Southern Red Sea for the Simply the Best itinerary.

Tony , Peter , Philip , Rachel , Roisin , Mark , Chris , Mary and Nicola had an exciting 7 days on the liveaboard Hurricane, sailing from Marsa Alam in Egypt. After check dives and a night dive at Ras Torombi, Hurricane headed for Big Brother and Little Brother Islands for two days and six dives. Here we saw Grey Reef sharks, a Thresher shark and had a great snorkelling experience with an Oceanic Whitetip shark at the back of the boat.

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Posted by Marie Wallace in catagory Diving Report 24/08/2016 16:22
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Club Dive Saturday 6th Aug 2016

Thanks to Phil for organising the dive today, and he was ably assisted by Peter

Congratulations to Victoria (left) on completing her OD with a cracking 40 minute dive at Gunns Island; and Peter for completing his DL, at long last. Rachel is another step closer to completing her DL with a successful lift bag exercise.

Great Diving and a good day out

Posted by Marie Wallace in catagory Diving Report 08/08/2016 10:20
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Lisburn Sub Aqua Club took to the road on Friday 8 July 2016 for an expedition to Malin Head, Inishowen, Co Donegal, planned by Tony Finlay and Philip McCollum for their BSAC Advanced Diver course.  Nine divers undertook the trip so two boats, Viking and Warrior, were needed with Eddie acting as dedicated Cox'n.  There were also amply-trained boat handlers present to share the duties when required.

Arriving at Malin Head around lunchtime, the weather was fine, so divers completed a shallow check dive at Portmore Pier.  On returning to our accommodation cylinders were refilled and boats and gear set up for the next day's diving.

Saturday was again fine and one wave of divers set off 14 miles west to deep dive the wreck of The Laurentic, while the other wave went north to dive Inishtrahull Gully.  On returning from The Laurentic, two divers dived Inishtrahull Gully before both waves met up at Portmore Pier for lunch.

The last dive of the day was to the wreck of the William Mannell and both boats made their way 12 miles east to shot the wreck.  Dives were completed safely before the weather closed in and a slow and bumpy journey back in the boats to Portmore Pier.

Sunday was the last day of the trip, with no rain and a south-westerly breeze, divers decided to try to dive the Devil's Gap.  On arriving at the site there were small waves and some surge, but two divers completed the dive before we recovered the boats and headed for home.

Well done to all for making the weekend a success.  There were challenges to be faced, such as changeable weather and flexibility with the sites dived.  The BBQs on Friday and Saturday night certainly went down well and everyone had a great time.

Posted by Marie Wallace in catagory Diving Report 11/07/2016 11:06
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