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Come play with me!

For anyone that didn't make it on Sat it was one of the most interesting dives I've had on the Alastor.

We went down the line and navigated up the galley, past the bath and dropped down onto the lower deck. Here we were making our way past the second hold towards the winch when I stopped dead. Either I was snagged or someone had grabbed hold of my foot. I turned round expecting to see Francis's mischievous face only to be confronted by a huge Seal. I started laughing which unfortunately scarred him off.

We went on up over the winch then dropped onto the see bed at the bow and started making our way along the sea bed to the stern when I started wondering where the seal had come from, maybe he was hiding in one of the holds so we went back up to have a look. I examined both holds but no seal so disappointedly headed back to drop over the bow. At exactly the same location Mr Seal grabbed my fin yet again. This time he didn't wait for my laughter and was already making his escape as I turned round.

I was content with my encounter so thought we would drop back onto the sea bed and head for the stern. I may have been content but Mr Seal wasn't. No sooner had I touched down I felt him pulling at my right foot again. The novelty had worn off and in the gloom this was beginning to get a bit annoying. (If he would have the decency to at least wait and say hello instead of tug and run).

Mr Seal had nibbled on my fins no fewer than 5 times between the bow and the stern. He was making a kind of hide and sneak game out of it. We got to the stern line and decided to make our way back up. Again twice on the rope he tugged my fin. At about 12mtrs we decided to head off the line and look for interesting bottles. Mr Seal though still hadn't given up with his game and even off the line he managed to find me and tug my fin.

The last tug I got was at about 8mtrs when finally he left me to do our safety stops in peace. An excellent dive with lots of excitement. I can't wait to get back in better vis so I can hopefully see Mr Seal before he sneaks up on me.

Jonathan McBride

Posted by Gerry Allen in catagory Diving Report 15/11/2010 13:41
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