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Instrahull & U861

What can I say! It really doesn't get much better than this!

1st Dive Instrahull Gully

We arrived around 09:30 with two boats and 10 divers to find a calm sea with a lazy swell.

The first dive was off Instrahull Island where we dived the gully. The vis was an excellent 15 metres.

We were joined by seals playing and found the portholes which are embedded in the rocks.

Having spent around 40 min here we were off to find U861.

We knew from the first dive that the Viz was going to be good so the pressure was on to see if we could get a shot on the sub. Just to add to the pressure this was the third time we were to do this dive and didn't want to spoil our 100% success rate by missing it this time!

On U861

We weren’t disappointed as we descended down the shot line it soon became apparent that we had got it right beside the conning tower. As we headed towards the stern we found an SMB that must have been dropped by a diver on a previous trip and also found a couple of Lobsters who posed for the camera before heading on their way.

The Vis was about 20 Metres and with neep tides it made for a memorable dive.

Thanks to Mark Palmer for organising the day, thanks to both Mark and Phil for towing the boats and of course not forgetting Louise who came as a boat handler.

We had a great day out in good company and you can see some of the pictures in the gallery at lisburnsac.co.uk/photos/photos.php . Here's looking forward to next week!

Richard Crothers

Posted by Gerry Allen in catagory Diving Report 29/01/2011 23:50
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