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Lisburn Sub Aqua Club

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Club Dive Sun 28th May

Sunday was a beautiful day and four divers met at Strangford at a respectable 10am for a planned dive to the SS Hundson and SS Bangor.

After a dive brief and buddy allocation we launched the boat and set off up the Lough. The bar mouth was like a mill pond and we arrived at the SS Hundson without delay. Finding the wreck was nice and easy and seeing the wreck on the sounder was the first clue as to the massive size of this wreck.

Shiela and Mark entered the water first and carried out a 31 minute dive. Phil and Rachel dropped in next for 38minutes. The shot had been placed on the stern of the wreck, not far from the gun. The wreck was absolutely covered in life- dead mans fingers, anemones and it was surrounded by Bib, poor cod and there where some big lobsters where hiding in the crevices.

After a short trip back to Strangford to swap cylinders and wave goodbye to Shiela we headed back out to dive the Bangor. On arriving at the Bangor we discovered that unfortunately our permanent shot had disappears. After creating a new etch a sketch drawing on the sounder we located the wreck and Mark and Rachel dropped down the shot. There was quite a strong run on the wreck but a very enjoyable dive was had exploring the Bangor before surfacing after 47min.

Well done to Rachel and Shiela who both enjoyed exploring new wrecks and many thanks to Phil for boat handling.

Posted by Gerry Allen in catagory Diving Report 31/05/2017 13:26
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