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Lisburn Sub Aqua Club

Lisburn Sub-Aqua Club News

Santa Scuba Dive

Posted by Gerry Allen in catagory Club News 22/11/2017 21:45
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Magheragall Parish Church Lads' and Church Girls' Brigade

Thanks to Magheragall Parish Church Lads' and Church Girls' Brigade who joined us for some Try Dives.

We hope you enjoyed the experience and we've given you a taste of our fantastic sport

Here's a short video of how they got on

Posted by Gerry Allen in catagory Club News 11/11/2017 00:54
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Great BSAC Diving

Here's a short video that shows some of the great diving that Lisburn Sub Aqua Club get up to

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Posted by Gerry Allen in catagory Club News 05/11/2017 23:44
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Dive at Brompton Harbour 4th Nov 2017

A short video from our dive on Saturday 4th November 2017 at Brompton Harbour near Bangor in Co. Down.

Seven divers had a lovely dive with a max depth of 10M and pleanty of life to see. visability was pretty good too.

Thanks to our DM Rachel for organising the day.

Posted by Gerry Allen in catagory Video 05/11/2017 23:20
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Red Sea October 2017

On 18 October LSAC members travelled to Egypt for a week on liveaboard Hurricane for a southern Red Sea dive trip.

The week started with check dives and a night dive at Abu Dbab Reef before an overnight sailing to the famous Daedalus Reef.  Hurricane moored up to this red for two days a six stunning dives.  The sharks were out in force with Oceanic Whitetips and dozens of Hammerhead sharks.

After Daedalus Hurricane travelled to Fury Shoals for dives on several reefs including Sataya South, Shaab  Malahi, Shaab Claudia Abu Galawa Kebira diving the wreck of tugboat Tien Hsing.  The stunning shallow reef dives provided easy dives and lots of marine life.  The trip ended with with a trip to Elphinstone reef and El Shona where divers were lucky to see sea turtles. 

Posted by Tony Finlay in catagory Video 27/10/2017 13:57
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LSAC club trip to Isle of Man Sept 2017

Last week seven LSAC divers of various grades - Ocean Divers to Advanced Divers took a short four day trip to the Isle of Man.

The weather was changeable but divers managed to dive sites such as Burroo, Sugarloaf Caves and The Puddle.

The marine life was amazing with dogfish, conger eels, cuckoo wrasse, pollock and many many seals playing with the divers.

Thanks to Discover Diving in Port St Mary for fills and advice on suitable dives sites. Their local knowledge was a great help. Plans are hopefully in place for a return visit in 2018. Hope you enjoy (thanks to Tony Turley for the videos).

Posted by Tony Finlay in catagory Video 19/09/2017 17:49
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Trip to Orkney June 2017

Fantastic trip to dive the wrecks around Scapa Flow in June 2017. Thanks to Rachel and Phil for the hours they put in to orgainse the trip and thanks to our friends from Belfast SAC and Slieve Foy SAC who joined us. Here's to 2019!

Posted by Gerry Allen in catagory Video 23/07/2017 21:19
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Want to learn to SCUBA Dive?

Ocean Diver Course

Our next BSAC Ocean Diver course which is for people new to our sport starts on 29th August 2017 and there are still a few spaces available.

The course runs on Tuesday evenings from 7.30pm - 10.45pm and is a combination of theory and practical lessons. The practical lessons take place in the pool at Lagan Valley Leisureplex.

At the end of the training there is a weekend at Portaferry on 14th & 15th October to go diving in Strangford Lough.

If you're interested in a Try Dive first the see http://lisburnsac.co.uk/page.php?id=78 or for more details email membership@lisburnsac.co.uk

Posted by Gerry Allen in catagory Club News 20/06/2017 13:21
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Dive Report Wed 31st May 2017

Marine life seen on the dive

On Wednesday evening 8 divers from Lisburn dived the Inner Lees after a slightly foggy trip out from Strangford and a last minute change of dive site.

The average dive time was 45 minutes and most divers enjoyed a leisurely bimble with good visibility.

A couple of diver pairs carried out drills and practiced skills including DSMB deployment and weight checks at the end of their dive.

There was a wealth of life on the wreck including Violet nudibranch, fried egg sea slugs, orange clubbed sea slug, there was also loads of suns stars, common starfish, bloody henrys and spiny starfish. There were lots of squat lobsters, edible crabs, violet swimming crabs and common prawn under the wreck alongside a Conger Eel. Fish life included Cuckoo Wrasse, Two Spot Gobies, Butterfish, Pipefish and a large Dab clinging to the bottom of the wreck. Unfortunately the chip shop wasn’t open for a post dive natter but a very enjoyable night was had by all.

Posted by Gerry Allen in catagory Diving Report 02/06/2017 12:48
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Club Dive Sun 28th May

Sunday was a beautiful day and four divers met at Strangford at a respectable 10am for a planned dive to the SS Hundson and SS Bangor.

After a dive brief and buddy allocation we launched the boat and set off up the Lough. The bar mouth was like a mill pond and we arrived at the SS Hundson without delay. Finding the wreck was nice and easy and seeing the wreck on the sounder was the first clue as to the massive size of this wreck.

Shiela and Mark entered the water first and carried out a 31 minute dive. Phil and Rachel dropped in next for 38minutes. The shot had been placed on the stern of the wreck, not far from the gun. The wreck was absolutely covered in life- dead mans fingers, anemones and it was surrounded by Bib, poor cod and there where some big lobsters where hiding in the crevices.

After a short trip back to Strangford to swap cylinders and wave goodbye to Shiela we headed back out to dive the Bangor. On arriving at the Bangor we discovered that unfortunately our permanent shot had disappears. After creating a new etch a sketch drawing on the sounder we located the wreck and Mark and Rachel dropped down the shot. There was quite a strong run on the wreck but a very enjoyable dive was had exploring the Bangor before surfacing after 47min.

Well done to Rachel and Shiela who both enjoyed exploring new wrecks and many thanks to Phil for boat handling.

Posted by Gerry Allen in catagory Diving Report 31/05/2017 13:26
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