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Lisburn Sub Aqua Club

Lisburn Sub-Aqua Club News

Diving at Strangford 17th Aug 2011

We arrived at Strangford at 9:30 on Saturday morning.  It was a glorious morning to go diving, with a gentle North Westerly blowing across the relatively flat Lough and the blue sky dotted with clouds. We stood and watched as the ferry crabbed its way through the incoming tide on its way from Portaferry.

The plan was to dive the Drop Off and then the Outer Lees. As it was 9:30 and the window on the Drop Off was 12:00 we had some time to spare so Mark, Steve and Denis headed up the café for some additional breakfast.

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Posted by Marie Wallace in catagory Diving Report 31/08/2011 13:02
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Ocean Diver course starting 20th March 2012

Want to learn to dive?

Ocean Diver

Lisburn Sub Aqua Club is delighted to be running the popular BSAC Ocean Diver Training programme starting on 20th March 2012.

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to dive, this course is for you as its aimed at beginners and provides the essential knowledge and skills needed to prepare for open water diving.

The BSAC Ocean Diver course prepares for this in the safety of a swimming pool or sheltered water and an introduction to open water in a controlled, safe manner. Experience and confidence will be gained under the guidance of a qualified instructor. Maximum depth - 20m.

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Posted by Gerry Allen in catagory Training 20/08/2011 23:27
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Lisburn SAC News Update

July has come and gone and members of the club have been taking advantage of the warm water (15 degrees C) and longer days to get out and go diving.

During the month there have been several trips to Donegal at weekends to dive U861 and the gullies from Malin head as well as  a dive for  technical divers on HMS Audacious. There have also been regular visits to Strangford Lough to dive the Alistor including 2 evening dives and a dive on the SS Neotsfield.

Don't forget if you have a friend or colleague that would like to learn to dive we are running the Ocean Diver course starting 20th September and there are still some spaces available. The BSAC promotion running at the moment offers new members, who are introduced by an existing member, a generous discount on a new Northern Diver drysuit! And if you introduced them you get the discount too!

Full Details on the BSAC Website

Posted by Gerry Allen in catagory Club News 04/08/2011 07:44
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Lisburn SAC tweets

If you are a twitter user and want to keep up to date with club news then you can now follow us on our brand new twitter feed.

Why not visit http://twitter.com/lisburnsac and spread the word.

Posted by Gerry Allen in catagory Club News 19/07/2011 06:53
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Great programme of Talks in September at Lisburn SAC

Dr. Mark Palmer has organised a series of talks which will be taking place in September 2011.

This series of  talks are part of a course that Mark is organising for Queens University  but will be of interest to all.

If your are interestesd in attending then please e-mail Mark so he can keep an eye on numbers in case a bigger room is required.

Dates and Subjects

Tuesday 6th September 7pm
Dr Joe Breen - Environmental Agency - talking on Rathlin island underwater survey.

Thursday 8th Sept 7pm
Dr Neil Mcleod talking on Gases in diving.

Tuesday 13th Sept 7pm
Hazardous marine life - Roger Telford

Thurs 15th Sept
7pm - Kim Cox  Instructor Lisburn sub aqua club. Malin deep Wrecks

8pm - Dr Mark Palmer
Diving diseases - 2 cases
PFO and risk of DCS
Rats urine.

Posted by Gerry Allen in catagory Training 18/07/2011 12:55
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Strangford, Malin Head and Ballycastle

Diving in June continues apace with dives taking place on the Lochgarry, Drake, Laurentic, Audacious and of course the Alastor.

4th June: Saw dives on the Lochgarry and Drake.

The viability was good and the marine life plentiful. The Diving Officer was heard to say

"I had a brilliant day out and what was probably my best dive on the drake yet. The crack on the boat was mighty too."

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Posted by Marie Wallace in catagory Diving Report 22/06/2011 23:37
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23/4/11 Diving Reports from Teelin in Donegal & Strangford

Today (23/4/11) we were off to Teelin in Donegal. At at 06:00 three cars and two boats set off from Lisburn and with a stop for breakfast along the way we arrived at 09:30

Everyone got stuck into getting the boats prepared and it wasn’t long before we set off for our first dive site off the island of Rathlin O’Birne. We had heard that Basking Sharks had been sighted the night before at Malinbeg harbour and made a detour there to see if we would be lucky enough to spot any. The sun was shining and the cliffs looked fantastic with the sun on them. Sadly there was no sign of the Basking Sharks round Malinbeg so we continued on or way to Rathlin O’Birne.

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Posted by Marie Wallace in catagory Diving Report 28/04/2011 11:02
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Training Saturday 19th April 2011

Lees wreck on a calm
Strandford Lough

Unusually for the club we weren’t out diving Saturday 19th April 2011 , instead we met at the Pins in Strangford Lough to run through the Rescue Scenarios with the trainee Diver Leaders.

We met at 9:00 to an incoming tide and a flat sea with nothing more than a gentle ripple on water surface.

There were four training stations manned by Richard C; Mark P; Roger T and Jonathan.

As an integral part of the entire training exercise we had a casualty at each station. Two of the stations were land based and the two were boat based with George boat handling in case of emergencies.

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Posted by Gerry Allen in catagory Training 20/04/2011 06:26
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Dives Saturday 9th April 2011

Dives from Malin Head


We arrived about 9:30 to sunshine and a calm sea. We had a good turnout with 14 divers 2 boats and 1 Coxswain.

The first dive was to be on the SS Laurentic which was about 7.5 miles away from the launch site. There was a large swell from the west which made the journey more interesting and a bit slower

The SS Laurentic, weighing 14,892 gross tons Commanded by Captain R.A. Norton, she struck a mine one hour after leaving Buncrana and sank in 45 mins. She had been while acting as an armed merchant cruiser but had a rather valuable cargo comprising 3,211 gold ingots each weighing 40lb. 22 of these ingots still remain unaccounted for

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Posted by Gerry Allen in catagory Diving Report 14/04/2011 07:27
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Rathlin 26th March 2011

The dives today were at Rathlin Island.

On the journey up to Ballycastle, there was some fog so we did not know what to expect however; on arriving the sea was flat calm and a hazy sunshine welcomed us.

We all mustered eagerly at the slip way by 08:30.

Francis, Sheila, Wesley, Louise, Naomi and myself dived at the Drake first. The vis was less than what we excepted but the plankton bloom as arrived. I happened to see a clown fish but I do not know if it counts as it was on Naomi's BCD. (Ed: sorry Ryan it dosn't)

After this dive, we went to the island for refreshments before making our way to the Lochgarry.

Richard, Phil,Wesley, Master Yoda and myself descended bravely into the depths the vis was much better than the Drake.

The day was of course rounded off with Ballycastle's best fish and chips on the slipway.

I would like to thank Richard for towing, Francis for being the Dive Manager and everyone for turning up


(Ed: There was also a dive on the Alistor where 7M vis was reported)

Posted by Gerry Allen in catagory Diving Report 27/03/2011 21:34
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