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Lisburn Sub Aqua Club

Lisburn Sub-Aqua Club News

Diver Manger Report Saturday 5th March 2011

Saturday morning was overcast but dry with gentle wind that could bite. We mustered on the Ballycastle slip around 9:30. The sea was flat calm with hardly a wave and the promised a good day ahead lay ahead. The day improved when Louise had a requested played for the club on the radio; however I was listening to the wrong station and didn’t hear it

We had 9 divers in all and the plan was for 8 to dive the Drake and after a suitable surface interval 4 to dive the Lochgarry.

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Posted by Gerry Allen in catagory Diving Report 07/03/2011 17:18
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Diving Report Saturday 19th February 2011

Saturday morning dawned calm and misty unlike the evening before with its high winds and heavy rain. There were some concerns about the heavy mist as we travelled along the Coast Road but by the time we assembled at the slip in Ballylumford it had all but disappeared. The sea was a bit lumpy out of the protection of Larne Lough but as the wind was dropping the trip didn’t have too many white knuckle minutes

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Posted by Gerry Allen in catagory Diving Report 22/02/2011 12:54
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Dive at Outer Lees Sat 13th Feb

Club dive on Saturday this week was to the outer lees wreck in Strangford Lough.

Conditions were better than expected with little wind at the dive site. Visibility was also better than expected after all the recent rain which meant there was of course more too see. Sightings included crabs, sponges, scallops and a Lobster spotted by Francis however no photographic evidence was produced!

My dive time was around 45 mins but my hands were feeling the cold, I'll have to get some thicker gloves. All divers enjoyed the dive and rounded the day off with a well-earned visit to the Cuan Fish and Chip shop

Thanks to everyone who came along and hope to see you all next week for another great dive

Richard Crothers

Posted by Gerry Allen in catagory Diving Report 13/02/2011 00:01
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Instrahull & U861

What can I say! It really doesn't get much better than this!

1st Dive Instrahull Gully

We arrived around 09:30 with two boats and 10 divers to find a calm sea with a lazy swell.

The first dive was off Instrahull Island where we dived the gully. The vis was an excellent 15 metres.

We were joined by seals playing and found the portholes which are embedded in the rocks.

Having spent around 40 min here we were off to find U861.

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Posted by Gerry Allen in catagory Diving Report 29/01/2011 23:50
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Dive Leader Training at Lisburn SAC

Francis has announced dates for the Dive Leader course being run at Lisburn Sub Aqua Club. These are shown below. Lectures start at 19:30 and last approximately 1 hour

25th JanuaryThe Role of the Dive Leader  - Jonathan McBride
1st FebruaryBasic Life Support (BLS)  
8th FebruaryOxygen & Diving Incidents  
15th FebruaryCasualty Assessment  
22nd FebruaryOxygen Administration Equipment   & Practice
1st MarchDive Planning  
8th MarchRescue Management Part 1 and Helecopter Operations
15th MarchRescue Management Part 2
22nd MarchThe Role of the Dive Manager - Brian McIlroy  
29th MarchTheory Test

For further information contact training@lisburnsac.co.uk
Posted by Gerry Allen in catagory Training 14/01/2011 10:13
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Local Skill Development Courses

Here are details of this years local skill development courses which are run by the BSAC Regional Coaching Team.

05 February 2011 Diver Cox Assessment
12/13 Feb 2011 Underwater Photography
13 February 2011  Sports/Dive Leader Training
26 February 2011Diver Cox Assessment
05/06 Mar 2011       Chartwork & Position Fixing
13 March 2011     Instuctor Prep
16/17 Apr 2011    Buoyancy & Trim Workshop
21/22 May 2011    Accelerated decompression Procedures
4/5/6 Jun 2011Closed Circuit Rebreather
11 June 2011 Dive Planning & Management

The Sports / Dive Leader Training is a day which can be taylored for people who want to do Sports / Dive Leader drills and get them signed up if you havn't been able to get them done during normal club dives.

The exact price of the courses depends on the numbers that apply as the travel costs of the Regional Coach and other instructors need to be covered as well as any BSAC fees involved.

The regional website http://ireland.bsac.org/SDCPOE.asp will be updated soon to allow bookings. In the mean time you can e-mail Nikki the co-ordinator at irl.sdco@bsac.com or Roy Evans who is the Regional Coach at irl.coach@bsac.com.
Posted by Gerry Allen in catagory Training 14/01/2011 09:56
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BSAC Skill Development Courses

Events 2011 – now online!

Looking to broaden your diving horizons in 2011? Then visit the BSAC website and check out Events 2011, the brand new digital guide to all your BSAC Skill Development and Instructor Training courses for the coming year. If you want any more information on courses ask Francis our Training Officer. You can find the digital guide at www.bsac.com/events2011

Posted by Gerry Allen in catagory Training 05/01/2011 17:54
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Come play with me!

For anyone that didn't make it on Sat it was one of the most interesting dives I've had on the Alastor.

We went down the line and navigated up the galley, past the bath and dropped down onto the lower deck. Here we were making our way past the second hold towards the winch when I stopped dead. Either I was snagged or someone had grabbed hold of my foot. I turned round expecting to see Francis's mischievous face only to be confronted by a huge Seal. I started laughing which unfortunately scarred him off.

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Posted by Gerry Allen in catagory Diving Report 15/11/2010 13:41
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Barholm Training weekend Oct 2010

The weather couldn’t have been better, the sun shone, the water was calm and the viz was even pretty good so all in all it was a great start to our training weekend at Barholm in Portaferry.

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Posted by Gerry Allen in catagory Diving Report 19/10/2010 11:41
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Sports Diver Training Autumn 2010

The next Sports Diver training programme starts with lectures in the Clubrooms on the following dates:

2 November     Sports Diving

9 November     Diver Rescue                    

16 November   Equipment and Techniques            

23 November   Deeper Diving

30 November   Deeper Diving          

7 December     Breathing Gas Planning and System     

14 December   Going Diving

For further details contact training@lisburnsac.co.uk

Posted by Marie Wallace in catagory Training 12/10/2010 12:09
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