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Lisburn Sub Aqua Club

Get in Touch

Lisburn Sub Aqua Club meets in rooms beside the Lisburn Leisureplex on Tuesdays and Thursdays from around 20:30. You are welcome to call down and say hello. We usually move to the pool at around 21:30.  Alternatively you can call one of our Committee Members to arrange a time and date to come along and have a chat with some of our members. To send an e-mail to the committee please use committee@lisburnsac.co.uk



Rachel Murdoch is our Membership Secretary . You can contact Rachel by e-mail at membership@lisburnsac.co.uk
You can also check out the Join Us page on this site.



Diving & Training

Tony Finlay is our Diving Officer. The Diving officer is responsible for all Diving and Training that takes place in the club. For training Tony works with a team of BSAC qualified instructors.
You can contact Tony by e-mail at diving@lisburnsac.co.uk and also check out the Diving and Training pages on this site.

Committee members


Michael McEntee

Michael is an Advanced Diver and chairman of the club. He is also the contact point with Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council.


Chris Newton

Chris is the Club's Hon Secretary a Dive Leader and an Assistant Instructor


Brendan Dumigan

Brendan is the club Treasurer a Dive Leader and an Assistant Instructor.

Francis Rafferty

Francis is a Dive Leader, Open Water Instructor and the Training Officier for the club


Gerry Allen

Gerry joined the club in 2010 and is an Advanced Diver and Advanced Instructor. Gerry looks after the clubs online presence.


Jason Jennings

Jason is a Sports Diver and Assistant Instructor. He looks after Pool use as well as the club rooms and compressor.


Philip McCollum

Philip looks after the club boats. He is a Dive Leader, Theory Instructor and Assistant Open Water Instructor.


Roisin Maguire

Rosin is a Dive Leader, and Open Water Instructor. She is the Clubs Welfare Officer and looks after new members who have recently joined the club. 

Eddie Matchett

Eddie has been a member of the Club since 2001. He is a Dive Leader and a Theory Instructor. He also looks after the equipment used for training.



Mark Devereux

Mark joined the Club in 1997 and is a Dive Leader and Open Water Instructor. He assists Jason looking after pool bookings and is the point of contact for the Leisureplex.