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Lisburn Sub Aqua Club

Try Dive with Lisburn Sub Aqua Club

From the very first time you breathe underwater, scuba diving will continue to inspire, challenge and surprise you. Many divers say that it is life-changing and, with the sense of achievement that comes with learning to dive, it is easy to see why.

Scuba diving will appeal to anyone who is reasonably fit and with a spirit of adventure. With the right training and support, it is also easy and fun to learn. You can learn to dive with Lisburn Sub Aqua Club from the age of 14 and our diving qualifications are recognised around the world.

With 70% of the planet covered in water, there is so much for a diver to see, experience and explore.

Add to that the wide range of diving including wrecks, marine life, photography, conservation, underwater archaeology, exploration, deep and technical diving. The opportunities are endless.

So if you've always wanted to discover scuba, now's the time to take the plunge and learn to dive with the BSAC.

Try dives with one of our certified instructors, can be arranged throught the year with Lisburn Sub Aqua Club and they usually take place on a Tuesday night in the swimming pools at Lisburn Leisureplex. if your not sure where the Leisureplex is have a look at our Find Us page.

All you will need is your swimming gear, a T shirt to wear in the water and a waterproof coat to use when taking the wet gear back to the club rooms. All the rest of the equipment required is provided and the whole experience will take around three hours.

After your try dive you will get a certificate and a learn to dive pack which gives more information on learning to dive with the BSAC. If you know someone who is interested in diving the whole experience can make a great gift.

If you are under 18 years old then you will need permission from a parent / guardian and they will need to accompany you on the night.

To help us cover the costs involved there is a charge of £15 however if you decide to go on and join the club then this is deducted from the cost of membership.

To book a try dive please e-mail trydive@lisburnsac.co.uk and we will arrange a suitable date with you.

For further information on our training courses vist our Training Pages.